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  • Q & Y (QIANYU) Industrial is a China-based manufacturer of garage tools and equipment. Our most popular products include the tire changer, wheel balancerLearn More

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  • Since our parent company has over 10 years of experience in the Chinese garage equipment market, Q & Y (Qianyu) is familiar with many garage equipment manufacturers in China. Learn More

Garage Equipment Supplier

Q & Y (QIANYU) Industrial can provide auto professionals with all the tools of the trade. Our robust inventory includes everything from the tire changer to the wheel balancer. Please purchase with confidence. All of our products are attached with a one-year warrantee. Q & Y Industrial--we put gears in motion.

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    1. QY3.2DT, QY4DT Dual Cylinder 2 Post Lift with Floor PlateThe QY3.2DT and QY4DT belong to the 2 post lift equipped with a double heavy-duty hydraulic cylinder and a floor plate. Due to the overall height of 2826mm, this two-post lifting system can be installed in nearly all the professional or residential garages with low ceilings.
      The 2 post lift adopts a dual point lock release system.
    1. QY4SFB 4 Ton 4 Post LiftThis 4-post auto lift makes use of multi-positional alignment turntable basins and rear slip plates for four-wheel alignment.
      Equipped with flat runways, the QY4SFA 4 post lift is suitable for general service. Its rolling jack loads 2000kg.
    1. Wheel Alignment Scissor LiftThe QY108D wheel alignment scissor lift possesses the wheel free lifting system built in runways. With 240mm minimum height, this floor mounted scissor hoist is easy to install and helps to save space.
    1. Mid-Rise Scissor LiftThe QY270 mid-rise scissor lift is commonly seen in auto body shops and wheel service specialists. Due to 1150mm lifting height, there is enough space for repairmen to work under the vehicle.
    1. QY660+RH750 Tire ChangerThe QY660+RH750 tire changer is equipped with a bigger and thicker square column that can tilt forward or backward under pneumatic control.
      Its RH750 assistant arms help to demount or mount low profile tires and PAX efficiently.
    1. QY963 Wheel BalancerDifferent from many wheel balancing machines requiring manual measurement, the QY963 wheel balancer can automatically record the rim diameter as well as the distance between the rim and the balancer frame. As soon as a measuring tape is positioned in the correct position, a sensor connecting the tape will start to work.